Technical FAQ
How Webace professional website templates handle security?
Webace develops professional business website templates on Web Expression Core (WEC) platform. WEC has built in Auto Defence Security Mechanism (ADSM) which makes it smart, strong and powerful. Each web template has inherited properties from WEC which makes it capable to tackle the following cyber-attacks:
1. Phishing attack
2. Malformed URL attack
3. Denial of service attack
4. SQL injection attack
5. Flooding attack
6. Attack by inducing Http exception...
What is the reliability of Webace professional website templates?
WEC follows sandbox architecture, it cleanly separates content/data into logical boundaries i.e. one website's data will not be available or used to other website. WEC has fine grained security which is role and user based to protect the web template from any misuse. It also has the safeguard against accidental damage that may cause due to user bound mistakes.
What is the agility of Webace professional website templates?
Webace develops light and compact web pages through component engineering. The main benefit of webace agility is that webace's business website can work better in low-speed internet service than others. WEC has many smart and intelligent mechanisms for agility and is inherited by each web template. That is why webace web templates always relish its swiftness.
What is the availability of Webace professional website templates?
Since, WEC works extensively in clearing ways for genuine users, the web template is always available unless the server hosting goes down. It is very much available as the server is and works optimum speed for its lifetime.
What is the robustness of Webace professional website templates?
WEC is a tough platform and it is challenging to break it down. Yet, if this platform is threatened, it will intimate the threat to Webace. Webace immediately takes an action against the threat by releasing an upgrade version with auto update feature. Each web template inherits robustness from pre-emptive mechanism of WEC and enjoys liberty to focus on its objectives.
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